Electric Skateboard Belts

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The Replacement Drive Belt is a high-quality belt designed for all ONSRA Belt Drive Boards. It is one of the best belts on the market, providing exceptional power transfer and extremely low noise operation.

It is made of durable materials, ensuring your board's performance and longevity. It is easy to install and cost-effective solution for maintaining your board. This belt is ideal for both experienced riders and new skaters looking to upgrade or maintain their ONSRA Belt Drive Board.



  • 40T = 270 Belts 
  • 45T = 285 Belts 
  • 60T = 335 Belts 
  • 66T = 360 Belts 
  • PLEASE note: The very very new models (everything sent out after November 2022) all come with the BC3 Setup check your belts on your board if you're not sure or send us an email with a photo of your belt setup. 


  • 32T = 265 Belts 
  • 40T = 285 Belts 
  • 45T = 300 Belts 
  • 60T = 350 Belts 
  • 66T = 370 Belts 


  • 40T = 270 Belts 
  • 45T = 285 Belts 
  • 60T = 335 Belts