ONSRA OPEN Electric Skateboard Race

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We are proud to be able to announce the first ever ONSRA electric skateboard race. Exclusive for electric skateboards, all brands and DIY are welcome. 

- Limited access for a maximum of 40 Riders. 

- Food will be available but is NOT included in the price. 

- If you are not taking place in the race you are still very welcome to watch and check out all the different electric skateboards. 


Street: 2WD, max 92mm PU Wheels, No Bindings, 12S max.

Open: 4WD and 2WD, all wheels, all boards 

You can register for both races and take part in both of them. 




Auweg 27

79761 Waldshut 


02.07.2022 / Start 09.00 - 16.00